Saturday, November 3, 2007


A long time ago I got very excited about the Immersion Composition Society and even thought about setting up a lodge, and certainly about arranging at least one session. I managed to get a few people excited, but then the excitement dissipated... as excitement is horribly want to do. I notice now that they have a London lodge.

I was thinking about it again today because I was recording music randomly, which is what I do especially much whilst in TOTAL PANIC over work, especially writing. I wonder if I can get my mind around the same approach to sorting out this manuscript. ("When you force yourself to do a thing, and you do that thing, you have then done the thing you forced yourself to do").

But anyway, here are two recordings. Both horrid. The first I wouldn't have put up at all, since I was trying to channel, lopsidedly, a particular kind of bad cafe jazz that nobody should want to listen to, yet reminds me of some moments of childhood. But the serendipity with the live radio that I was using for an effect is just too good. Listen right to the end for it.

To Bed.mp3

Black Carrot Rerun.mp3

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