Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

"I wasn't designed to have so much past"

I saw a really lovely Jeffrey Lewis concert last night. The support was a band called The Wave Pictures. I liked them a lot even if their name somehow made me expect little. I note that I'm now old enough to consider earplugs at loud concerts.

Eoin Colfer's going to write a new Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy book. The reaction isn't very surprising.
A few months ago I illustrated something a bit short and a bit secret by Eoin.

I've got a crochet Totoro, have you got a crochet Totoro?

These days, when I'm not working on, or panicking about my big secret project, I'm teaching myself to play the melodeon (in fact the two may be linked yet), although it seems to be teaching me as much about how to play my accordion (bigger difference than a person might expect). Look how pretty it is. It is tiny and made of Walnut and has roses on the red bellows.

My grandfather is a pretty ill and my grandmother is battling broken bones, so what with secret projects, music, life, that sort of thing, I think this blog is going to stay pretty quiet. I'll try to post some non-secret sketches. I need to keep that kind of drawing going anyway.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Glitter & Doom

Thanks Dave for this link to Tom Waits in Concert.

Hello you lot

and GET WELL SOON to my gran, I hope you're home soon and able to read this.

I'm posting from a new computer, the setup of which is one of the reasons I've been disappeared (though it's been pretty painless so far). I thoroughly recommend the refurbished macs section of the Apple site. I got a top end macbook pro for nearly £400 less than full price, with all the requisite guarantees etc.

Also I got another lovely toy, but I'll tell you about that some other time. A prize for sending off all the (quite many) changes to Red Ted. I did a cover too. Before that I had a nice few moment's break in Cornwall where I ate really good seafood.

Below are the first non work sketches I've done in months. Most work sketches from now on will be sadly secret because of contractual thingies.