Friday, September 19, 2008

"I wasn't designed to have so much past"

I saw a really lovely Jeffrey Lewis concert last night. The support was a band called The Wave Pictures. I liked them a lot even if their name somehow made me expect little. I note that I'm now old enough to consider earplugs at loud concerts.

Eoin Colfer's going to write a new Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy book. The reaction isn't very surprising.
A few months ago I illustrated something a bit short and a bit secret by Eoin.

I've got a crochet Totoro, have you got a crochet Totoro?

These days, when I'm not working on, or panicking about my big secret project, I'm teaching myself to play the melodeon (in fact the two may be linked yet), although it seems to be teaching me as much about how to play my accordion (bigger difference than a person might expect). Look how pretty it is. It is tiny and made of Walnut and has roses on the red bellows.

My grandfather is a pretty ill and my grandmother is battling broken bones, so what with secret projects, music, life, that sort of thing, I think this blog is going to stay pretty quiet. I'll try to post some non-secret sketches. I need to keep that kind of drawing going anyway.


Rowan said...

I saw the exact same gig, in Sheffield a week ago. I really enjoyed it - he is so lovely and funny and nice. We bought a CD and he wrote his name on it and then drew a heart. Sigh...

Rowan said...

"I'm talkin 'bout the man with the golden arm" did he play that?

Joel Stewart said...

Yes he played that, and a very good one about dying.

Hope all is well. Are you even more north now?


Rowan said...

Ah, I love him.
Yes, I am very north now. Having an excellent time. The sessions here are extrememly good - come and visit! X