Saturday, August 25, 2012


These are the last few of the batch from the previous post. I don't really understand how the internet works anymore and host my own images at my website, hence problems when it gets full.

Experimenting with working entirely on the computer is fun, but is also driving me a bit batty (and possibly blind). Dried up pigment ink has killed my expensive printer, but I'm thinking of replacing it so I can experiment with combining digital drawing and real paint and papers. The opposite way round to how most of my books have been done. (Not the Abney and Teal picture books, which for a variety of reasons were done entirely digitally).

Combine that battiness with the battiness of adjusting to working at home again and trying to find my storytelling voice away from Abney & Teal and you get much battiness. Stop saying battiness.

How else to describe the following though...

I am still working through my Hockney obsession. I've had it since art school so I don't know where I think it's going.

It has begun to flash and thunder outside.

Here are some drawings of a small boy in a bib.

Friday, August 24, 2012

More Digital Scribbles

There were even more of these, and some other things, and I had something to say about them but now I have problems with my webhost so I'll come back some day when I've sorted that out!