Friday, August 24, 2012

More Digital Scribbles

There were even more of these, and some other things, and I had something to say about them but now I have problems with my webhost so I'll come back some day when I've sorted that out!


Sandra Tyler said...

are these done on an iPad? I've been drawing all my life and occasionally play around with digital drawing, but I still prefer the tactile. But these have such a tactile feel to them, that same freedom...bravo.

Joel said...

No, they're done in photoshop on a Cintiq tablet. A lot of software on the iPad is up to the task (some things are actually better than Painter and Photoshop) but until recently the resolution has been too low, and the actual input devices (pens etc.) are still really inferior.

I prefer real media too, except that sometimes there's actually more freedom working on the computer, since the knowledge that you can correct or keep spontaneous marks at will often frees me up to be more fearless.