Friday, May 28, 2010

Out Now!

Here's the first review, which is pretty great.

(I actually kind of agree with the tiny niggle about the joke right at the end, I remember blustering it through with my lovely editors, but I could've improved it with the drawing).

It just about makes up for the fact that this morning some man in a white smock drilled me in the face and took a massive amount of money from my bank account, for the second time this month!

Kids, look after your teeth...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Am in the studio recovering from yesterday's successful (I think) but exhausting presentation to the BBC.

Out soon:

Warning, small rant follows:

So, one of the new Olympic mascots is a one-eyed monster named Wenlock...
As I listen, blinking, to the building site crashes of Olympic fueled "redevelopment" only feet from my studio window, it is tempting to muse on the fact that I took the same name a few years ago, while wandering around the area, to describe a creature that was, essentially and clunkily, the collected despair of the children of a whole community...

Click here for some examples of why "despair" and "redevelopment" are two terms which easily arise in the same sentence around the Olympic "village."

There's even some argument to be had about the use of resources in this building on the other side of the world, but whee! It's astounding!

The Seed Cathedral

Here's a few more gloomy but ultimately silly doodles:

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