Monday, April 30, 2012

An era out the window

New episodes of Abney & Teal go out every day this week, with twenty or so more to follow not long after (though I don't know exactly when). I'm very very proud of the episodes in this second batch -even if one of this week's features some of the earliest animation we ever did (the rest are all brand spanking new and of a quality only hinted at in the first batch).

I'm still hanging around at the tv-studio for another couple of weeks to oversee compositing and sound on the last four episodes. A last chance to watch spring be amazing not only from my window in London but from the window of the train going through the Chilterns. I did have to pipe up and stop some passengers from giving the plot of The Bridge away on this morning's journey though.

I've been painting some things seen through the aforementioned windows: