Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tiny Cops and Robbers!

At last! This is the cover of my new picture book Tiny Cops and Robbers. For one reason and another it has been a long time coming together, particularly as on the surface it seems such a simple idea, but here it is! I'm very proud of it. It will be published next year by OUP. More news on this book soon.

I've also just finished some black and white drawings for Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. This book will be published later this year (I think) by Alma Books.

And I built a banjo! It's been a great way to fill in the times when I would otherwise have been panicked about this and that in my picture book work (most illustrators will explain that we're a bunch of worriers, on the whole). Learning to use this or that tool or technique and sawing stuff up in the shed has been an adventure and I've got lots of plans for more and other instruments. I've always tinkered with instruments and the only strange thing is why I haven't begun building them properly before now.