Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I get crises of confidence over drawing and illustration quite often. I've pretty much got used to it, and found that it is usually when I am really learning something or shifting something forward. But I never get them so deeply as I do with writing. The writing ones frighten me. I suppose I just know so much less about what I am doing. Or maybe I'm just not really cut out for it. Longer stories anyway.

But today at least I've managed to get over myself (cut myself out) for a few hours and make it just under halfway through a third draft of my second Stanley Wells book. Now I am jinxing it by writing a journal entry about the fact :)

The weather is really beautiful. Freezing but beautiful. I need to take a walk in it. must. find. excuse.


Rima said...

Hello Joel :)
Lovely lovely drawings ...
You need not have confidence crises!
I've linked you on my emerging blog .. hope that's ok.
Hope you're well and happy

Joel Stewart said...

Oh, hello!

You have a stove! I hope Scotland is treating you as well as that implies.