Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bathtime... the commune. That's me in the middle. How many health and safety issues can you spot? Win an axe.
This picture is from a birthday biography my dad made here.

In other news: I finally had a dream something like that scene in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, with the tall trees. Mine was more about swinging rather than running through the trees, and they were willows not bamboo but it was pretty good all the same. Then I dreamed about a mouse infestation and it was downhill from there.

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lizer said...

ohh, i love this picture! i'm taking care of my parentses' house while they're in japan and have been finding lots of similarly inexplicable photos. why is granddad in aunty betty's wig and a shiny brassiere? why is nana getting a turkey out of the oven at three in the morning? why am i blowing out a candle in the shape of a glass of guinness on my fourth birthday?