Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wobbly lines

I went on a book hunt and found that Shaun Tan's The arrival is lost somewhere between picture books and graphic novels and can't be found. But the next installment of Moomins comics has been released, and I found a graphic novel featuring a character with my mother's name. Nobody ever has my mother's name...

And I drank too much coffee. Now I'm gibbering a bit on the inside.

Tonight I will play the musical saw with Matthew Robins here.


Anonymous said...


It's not quite true that no one has my name. Googling it idly the other day I was confronted with an obituary for someone who had my whole name exactly and who died last Saturday aged 74 (so I knew it wasn't me...)


Anonymous said...


I came to your blog while googling 'musical saw'... but I read your post about your mother's name and then the first comment, which appears to me might be from your, if your mother's name is Gilla you might be interested to know that I know quite a few ladies by that name... it was a popular name in Israel about 50 years ago. It means 'joy'.

Much joy to you,

'Saw Lady'