Tuesday, October 9, 2007

So slow goes

I am editing my book very slowly. I've been doing it from my bed today and all of yesterday too (I'm aware how cushy that is in some ways). But I really want to go out and draw so that I don't lose my mind. And yet, that sound which I thought was someone in the house taking a very, very long shower (engrossed in my work as I was), is in fact rain. Rain, rain, interminable rain.

I think I will have to go out in the rain anyway, at least to get things for making coffee. I drank a lot of coffee before I had a recent meeting about this draft I'm working on. I solved all the problems then, with ease. Unfortunately I can't remember any of the solutions I came up with.

This is not an exciting journal entry.

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Anonymous said...

Remember that rain always (or almost always) looks and sounds worse from inside than it really is when you are out in it... and if I'm wrong then at least it's a relief to get back home.

Homily of the day, courtesy of gilla