Monday, October 1, 2007


Many months worth of work posted away at last, this late afternoon. Posted away through the drear and drizzle that probably helped force me to concentrate and finally get it done. Or maybe it is all those forms I've been putting off.

Over the phone came some secret news (I'll tell more later in the week, probably), and the secondary news that Addis Berner Bear made the Press Officer at Random House cry. I apologized and was a bit proud.

And here are drawings from the long post office queue:


Anonymous said...

Make 'em weep!

secret news eh?

sorry it drizzled on your day. It was stunningly beautiful here; and yesterday was pretty amazing too; what's more there are pictures on my Journal!!!!


Mary said...

Wow what lovely use of line, your figures seem to flow with marks that would allow them to move on the paper if they could