Friday, October 26, 2007

Back to work

In the post:

First advance hardback copy (I still can't photograph that spot varnishing, but it looks nice).


Joel Stewart said...

I discovered that there is a picture missing from the first spread, though it doesn't really affect the story. A bit sad. Anyone want to buy it for millions?

Stephanie Roth said...

Each book of yours I've seen so far has a completely different look, but all look like your style- I don't think I explained that well. When is this one coming out?? I like the softness of the snow and the muted background.

I don't have the millions, but what about those skecthes from ages ago- do you still have those available?


Joel Stewart said...

I'm so sorry Steph. I think I give a false picture of efficiency on this journal. I'm such a mess! I do still have those sketches. Have you ever used paypal? Do you know what to do there? I can't even remember what I asked for...

The missing picture will return in the paperback edition, hopefully.