Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"This is the kind of picture book I usually put down because it looks kinda weird."

Here's a link to a few Dexter reviews that cheered me while fighting panic about other work that I must do. I'm really proud of how many other reviews mention what a great book it is to read aloud, since I actually wrote it very quietly.


Stephanie Roth said...

Hi Joel,

I think you know this already, but I can't remember if I told you or not via the blog...I read "Dexter Bexley" to Tristam's school class and the kids were transfixed. They chimed in with "I'm better eat you up!" and really got into it. It was fun for me to read it aload because not only was the reaction great, but the queues for the reader made it easy to get the right tone without really thinking about it too much. GREAT!

Joel Stewart said...

That's wonderful and amazing.

Just to think that I made a thing that transfixed a room full of kids so far away.