Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mumbles a grumble

Well, I'm just procrastinating hugely today. I know what the characters in the book I'm trying to design look like, I have a text that works much better than the versions that came before, but I have no idea how to fit the pictures and text together. Perhaps there is somebody I can call.

Shaun Tan, author and illustrator of the beautiful picture book 'The Red Tree' has made a comic. Look: The Arrival.

Do you think if I keep going with the new beard I can just jack it all in, take my guitar and travel about following the sun, singing pointless songs, and doodling like Devendra Banhart?


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the film "Golden Door" (Nuovomondo)? This extract from The Arrival reminded me of its visuals, although they were of course cinematic?

Hope your day has been less frustrating than mine...


Joel Stewart said...

No I haven't seen the film.

More computer woe?
It has been pretty frustrating, but I seem to finally be making a start at this late stage...

estella said...

oh, i really wanted to see that film.
it is by the same director who did 'lampedusa'! (and also with charlotte gainsbourg, ahem).
plink plonk,
beardsy folk,

Joel Stewart said...

Oh that one is called Respiro in english, I think. But I haven't seem it either.

Now I want to, and also follow the sun somewhere like Lampedusa...


Joel Stewart said...

seen, I mean.