Monday, December 3, 2007

On telephones and envelopes

I just finished a long rambling and very friendly telephone interview with the Sheffield Telegraph. As a ridiculous generalization Sheffielders are so often such strikingly gentle and easy people (and it's not just me who'll tell you so). It's also nice when an interviewer turns out to know members of your family (no, not nepotism, he didn't know until the phonecall), which is something a bit less likely down here. Tomorrow I'll be photographed by the Hackney Gazette, who interviewed me last week when I was a bit more muddled (It's less easy when the interviewer hasn't even seen the book).

I'm about to send off the cover for Have You Ever Seen a Sneep. I don't know if it is really finished, but it is at that stage where I send it off just to see.

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Anonymous said...

will you get copies of these august publications? I'd like to see them...
I'm out at the cinema tonight, but maybe we could have a chat tomorrow evening?

xx gilla