Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lime Pickle

I am just this minute drinking rosehip tea and eating a very odd sandwich.

On sunday there was a surprise party for my friend Axel and he was actually surprised and presented with a surprising book filled with original drawings by his many illustrator friends. There were pictures by some of my favourites in there, like Quentin Blake and Marc Boutavant and Wolf Erlbruch, and an amazing pop-up one by Nick Denchfield. Some of the pictures were self portraits. This one was mine:

It is not a self portrait, but some people said they thought that it was. This drawing went all the way to Munich in my bag, walked right past the door of Rotraut Susanne Berner, who was compiling the book, came back with me and had to be sent in the post...

Today some pictures of mine were delivered back to me. They had been travelling around in an exhibition for more than a year. It was arranged, the delivery, but still I forgot and was doing a thing that I do sometimes which is sleep in the afternoon (am nearly thirty after all)... The exhibition was called Frabjous Beasts and was selected by Quentin Blake.

Tomorrow is the Award presentation for the Nestle prize, so please cross fingers for me and Dexter Bexley. It is also Axel's actual birthday, so happy birthday to him. And a slightly belated welcome to the world(!) to his little daughter.

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