Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last post of a decade

I spent the last day of my twenties on a train traveling through frost and fog to the end of the line, where it smells like sea. The train was horrible, but I drank stout and wrote things. In fact, something that my editor said about my story finally sunk in properly, I think, and got me rather excited.

Dave Shelton was the 1st person, not in fact the 93rd, to send me a link to this film where they show something really amazing, albeit described in an irritating way.

One last evening, then good riddance!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday;

your card is on mu journal!

lots of love


paula said...

that video is wiiierd... i'm confused and a bit creeped out... are those things real!? (obviously not 'alive'... but are they real!?)

Oh happy birthday too!

Joel Stewart said...

I'm pretty sure they're real, but he shouldn't talk about them as animals the way he does, I think, because it muddies the achievement.

paula said...

Calling them animals makes it seem like a hoax or something, so you end up not knowing what to believe!

And the little clicky noises they make, makes them that bit creepier I think...