Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scope and horror

Meh, I'm struggling a little.

What's good? Yesterday I had a scene to write for the second Stanley Wells Mystery and two words into it I suddenly realized that I had once written a picture book that I hadn't finished and that it would slot into that spot virtually unchanged. We'll see what survives in the end, but still.

I have been offered a very interesting picture book by a publisher in New York. It may or may not be about this woman and her interesting life and (for me at least) face. The state of the US economy makes working direct for the US a much less financially exciting prospect than it used to be, but it's a really unusual project and I fully plan to fit it in.

On friday Crista moved into the attic studio here (where I used to live). Already she has made the place so lovely, and sometimes I am glad to visit up there because she is nice to visit, and because I miss it anyway.

I've no truck with astrology whatsoever, but I stumbled over my horoscope today and it was so cruelly accurate that I threw the paper on the floor and laughed in a forced kind of way.

{Edit: Oh, and I've been baking lots of bread, and even making cup-cakes with lemon in and stuff and that's good}


Steph said...

You sound like you're in a good groove. That's fabulous.

OOOO! That does sound like a fun sunject matter. The US economny is a funny thing...it gets spun here as being this thing that has forward momentum, just don't pay attentiong to the massive trade deficiet, the loom failure of the subprime lending market and the fact that here carry large amounts of debt. Spin, spin, spin...still, it is a HUGE market (300 million people) and despite everything, there are loads of people doing well.

Your home sounds like a happy place- smells of baked goods, music, attention to aesthetics and good company.

Tomorrow I'm taking Dexter Bexley into Tristam's school to read it for story hour.



Joel Stewart said...

Ooh, story hour.

I hope they like it.

It seems like I may doing another Dexter book...