Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Silken Bindings

Yesterday I was handed my copy of The Birthday Book. This silk bound edition is limited to 500 copies and will only be available from Hatchard's bookshop in Piccadilly (where you may very well have the extra pleasure, should you decide to, of purchasing the book from my very own sister, who works there). Otherwise a hardbound edition will be available all over the country (for a considerably lower price) from November the 6th.

The last story in the book is written by Eoin Colfer and illustrated by me. Just a few drawings, but some of my favourites ever to see print.

This morning I was somewhat rudely awakened by a special delivery, which turned out to be a thank-you-for-your-contribution letter from the prince himself...

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Anonymous said...

The special edition is selling v. well! Get yours soon if you want one! Peg