Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Quiet here isn't it?

I'm expecting an echo...

So I should tell you about The Big Picture Party. It will be at the British library on monday the 27th of October (next monday) and will feature lots of very exciting events to do with drawing. You can download a pdf guide about it by clicking here (I hope that works. Otherwise click through the links on the campaign for drawing site that I linked to up there, there at the beginning). I will be alive and drawing in The Big Picture Frame at 3.55 for a little over half an hour. I hope to be around all day the rest of the day too.

This morning at my studio I did a very long and rambling interview for Write Away. It'll be up soon if they can find some sense somewhere in the amongst the many words that come out of me when somebody asks about drawing, even when I'm all confused about how to make drawings then do unnatural things like move and be surrounded by noise and music.

And now I shall disappear into the confusion for some more time.

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Anonymous said...

The Big Picture Party sounds like a great initiative. We need something like that in Australia. It seems like you guys (in the UK) get much more exposure as a valid, important part of the publishing industry. The children's book industry struggles to get much mainstream publicity over here.