Monday, October 6, 2008


If you send me nice fan e-mails, questions, or studenty things at the moment, things that I do honestly like to receive and reply to, they are very likely to get lost in the mad pile. Sorry if they do.


Gilla said...

Wow, where did you find Les Contes de l'Horloge Magique? I had a curious sense of having seen it before, but maybe only in a dream.
xx gilla
ps Hope you are alright... I'll give you a ring soon.

Joel Stewart said...

Hi, I was looking up Juri Norstein and Ladislav Starevics for reference, and just out of interest.

Ladislav Starevics is reputed to have invented stopmotion animation. When the insects he was filming as an entomologist died under his camera lights he wired them together and moved their joints frame by frame.

The most amazing thing is that he hasn't been surpassed since. His films cover absolutely everything that can be done with puppet animation and films like Toy Story are full of knowing references to him.

I've just ordered that film from France, so I'll be able to show it to you one day. Many of the rest of his films are around on youtube and I have lots of them saved. The Tin Hat Trio used to tour with them, playing a live musical score.

I'm fine, but SO busy. It's mad but exciting.