Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Diary Dates

On sunday night I played saw for a lovely Yo Zushi set, short notice at a poetry night in Angel. Next monday I should hopefully be playing something or other for both him and Curtis Eller at their gig at the 12 Bar club in the West End. Scroll down to monday the 21st under the link here for more details. I wanted to play saw for Curtis last week at the Wilmington but I was too sick. Also Yo and some friends and I are (at the vague beginnings of) plotting our own folk night somewhere. Watch this space for that.

Tuesday the 22nd will be the opening of the Big Picture Ten Best Illustrators exhibition at The Illustration Cupboard.

Now Mr Matthew Robins is on his way over to record some music on the piano in my studio, while I do some work...

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