Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eggs

It has been snowing.

A few days ago there were amazing baby fish with sparkling blue eyes born in my aquarium, but I think that they all got eaten by their parents when I trimmed the plants and thus their hiding places yesterday...
But there are more eggs, can you see?

(They are the three white things on the plant stem, the other things are oxygen bubbles made as the plants grow).

It looks like I may be concept-designing/co-writing/overseeing/making-music-for a children's television series. It is all big and secret, and I am too busy-with-other-work/terrified/excited to say much more about it, but yesterday my friend brought three songs around because there will hopefully be songs in the show. Also I hope there will be animation and/or puppets and all the good things.

I found this in my sketchbook from the other week.

Yesterday I got my glasses back from the opticians with new lenses, and discovered that they have messed up my frames and I don't trust the prescription. I had tried out a new optician place and I'm dissapointed. The Ophthalmologists were rude and morose, too. This is a boring thing to blog about... but I'm surprised how upsetting it is to have people mess with one's glasses. It feels invasive. This is the company that specialise in laser surgery. I wouldn't consider it for a second.

My mum sent an envelope full of chocolate eggs (Thanks Gilla), they're rolling all over my desk.


Dave Shelton said...

You might just need a little time to adjust to the new prescription. Maybe. But you probably know that.

The rudeness and moroseness are bad though.

Anyway, congratulations about the telly thing. How exciting.

Joel Stewart said...

Yeah, it's just the fact that if I tilt the glasses a little I get better vision... and that I have to take them back anyway because they've glazed the frames twisted.

The telly thing is a ridiculously huge deal which I am being nonchalant about.

Anonymous said...

Very very very very exciting!!!wow a whole new medium to experiment with! Congratulations.

I have about a thousand questions about your tv show but il hold it in, and wait and see.

ps. I would recommend vision express for glasses, they are pretty good in my experience.


Rima said...

Happy Easter Joel and what lovely exciting news of music and puppety television :) Also fabulous ..a Michael Rosen book - I think he's marvellous.
Good luck with the goggles...

Dave Shelton said...

"The telly thing is a ridiculously huge deal which I am being nonchalant about."

Is it all systems go or are you still waiting to hear for sure? I ask because, if the latter, it sounds a bit like when I was waiting to hear about the comic slot in the Guardian. It was an immensely big deal to me and I would mention that this seemed to possibly be about to happen to friends and they would get very excited on my behalf and would be bemused that I seemed not to be excited at all. And I considered this and thought they were right, it was very odd that I wasn't excited. Why wasn't I excited? I ought to be excited. Maybe I can't get excited any more. Perhaps my soul has died and my entire life is to be one of unwavering indifference to all the highs and lows that befall me from here on. How tragic.

And then, eventually, I got a call to tell me it was definitely happening and when I put the phone down I just laughed for several minutes. And then I was excited. It had just been some kind of self defence mechanism, after a few other exciting-seeming prospects had come to nothing, keeping me from getting my hopes up.

Anyway, this is far too long a comment and quite probably not your experience now nor of any interest to anyone. I shall shut up. But I hope it happens and is exciting and fulfilling for you.

Joel Stewart said...

Hi Dave,

It's more that I've been asked to do something that I have no idea whether or not I am capable of, and also to pretty much change careers for quite a fair bit. At the same time I have to pretend it isn't happening (which it wouldn't be for a while) so that I can finish the several and many things I must do first.

It could easily be the most exciting thing I've ever been asked to do, but it's scary. Unfortunately I won't actually be able to reveal anything about it for a long time (you know how that is).

But I am similar though, as soon as I am given something exciting I tend to spin out the problems in my mind, or the likelihood of it not happening at all. At the moment I am rather ignoring the whole thing so that I can work and get neither too excited or too terrified.

Dave Shelton said...

Sounds like a sensible approach.

Not sure you need to see it as a change of career so much. Words, images, music... these are all things you do already and do well. Presumably there will be producer-type people to deal with the tellyness of it all.

And all the best excitement has a bit of scary in it.

Good luck. And enjoy yourself.

Joel Stewart said...

You're right. i think it is the thought of letting go of books for a while that worries me there, but true, that is an over-dramatic way to phrase it.