Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Look how pretty my aquarium is just now.

When I lived in the attic I watched a big Matalan shop being built just across the way. I saw them hoist its silly tower. Over Easter weekend the man who managed the shop, ever since they finished it three years ago, was stabbed to death in the office, (I queued with him in the building society at least once, I recognized his face in the news article). There are rows of candles lining the edge of the shopping centre where the main doors of the shop are.

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cathy said...

So poignant.

In a freak moment of synchronicity I have just read this and simultaneously heard the item on the BBC news - the news that a 26 year old man has been arrested in connection with the murder. They mentioned the stabbing, they mentioned the office and there was mention of Matalan; they didn't mention the candles. They also didn't seem to know about the thoughtful and sensitive chap who had watched the building of the shop, with its nonsensical folly of a tower, from his attic across the way, and who paid enough attention to his neighbours to recognise him from the building society queue.