Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Come home in the morning light

This is a picture of my grandad Ray at the royal institute of painters in watercolours today.

I also was surprised to run into a friend there. She was the model for a couple of paintings in the show.

This is one of the nineteen spreads of roughs I made over the last couple of days for a book by Michael Rosen.

This is one of the one-hundred-and-three illustrations for Tree Soup that I have drawn (but not added tone to).

This is the silliest song that Yo and Sean and I did at the gig last thursday (It's a dark video but the sound is good. You can hear Yo teach me the chords as we go).

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a tv executive about "an idea." And tickets to a concert.

I said I was busy did I not?

I grew an aquarium next to my drawing desk, too.

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Stephanie Roth said...

Sounds like some really wonderful things are happening. I very happy for you!