Saturday, January 5, 2008


Can anyone tell me why red is so vivid at twilight? Is it to do with its short wavelength, as when it disappears in deep water? Or ultraviolet?

It struck me particularly this evening, but maybe that is because there are more colours to be had back here in the big city.


Zuzana said...

"Why red is so vivid at twilight?" Hard to say, but your thought reminds me of a NIN song:

"In This Twilight"
Watch the sun,
As it crawls across a final time
And it feels like,
Like it was a friend.
It is watching us,
And the world we set on fire
Do you wonder,
If it feels the same?

And the sky is filled with light
Can you see it?
All the black is really white
If you believe it
As your time is running out
Let me take away your doubt
You can find a better a place
In this twilight

By the way, interesting blog. :o) Some of your drawings have such a lively expression.

Joel Stewart said...


The reds that I'm thinking of are the small ones, more. Cloth. A scarf or a jacket that radiates redness at that time, in that light. But sunset red may have something to do with it. It doesn't necessarily happen in the orange glowing clear evening light, but more in a particular overcast type of weather, and it feels to me like something ultraviolet is happening, though I don't know.

Simon Stargazer III said...

In this particular case I apollogise for not being very romantic, but the deep red of the evening sun is caused by the fact that it's rays have to travel through a long stretch of atmosphere with its dust particles and other particulates which absorb the shorter wavelengths of light. When the sun is higher less of the shorter wavelengths (violet, etc) are absorbed because there is less dirty atmosphere to travel through.

Being the romantic that I am, however, I would prefer to see the sun early, early in the morning trying to steal it's way through the thick tendrils of morning mist hugging each lamp post with a cool embrace. Does that paint a memorable picture for you? My thought is that a picture may be worth a thousand words, but the imagination is endless.

I enjoyed your blog... oh, and I see you have a passion for sketching. Here is my thought about passion:


Accentuates all
Success stories
Of category or person,
Now, in the past or the future

Jim Haworth AKA Simon Stargazer III

*Written for Lori, who says it’s her favorite word.

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Joel Stewart said...

Hmm, people seem to have misunderstood me. I am ot talking about the colour of the sun, nice as it might be. I am talking about reflected colour. This atmospheric explanation doesn't quite cover that, or not as it has been explained to me so far.

I think the imagination has all sorts of ends, and not all of them so positive.

But I won't stop sketching, you can fairly well rely on that.