Sunday, January 27, 2008

Basement tapes

Despite my ongoing sore-throat and related mood, I had very much fun last night recording things in my studio with Yo Zushi. I think my uselessness adds an extra degree of lo to the already quite lo lo-fi.

ain't no lie.mp3



St Sebastian.mp3

With Mike.mp3

All of me.mp3


timaeus said...

that was fun; instead of practice today i played along with you two for ten minutes or so; thanks

Joel Stewart said...

Hi hi, you know, the internet is evil and to be dreaded but it's lovely too!

matt dawson said...

it's great to find out you have a blog! I've been a fan after getting a copy of "me and my mammoth" and (just yesterday) "Big Blue Beastie." I'm new to this children's picture book game, trying as I am to do my first... but your books have raised my spirits and given me a push with my own ta very much and keep up the excellent work! PS. I've ordered Jabberwocky (a favourite of mine) after seeing it on your website! PPS.any pearls of wisdom from a hardened author/illustrator...perhap "don't give away trade secrets:)? Cheers, Matt.