Thursday, September 13, 2007

How much is that scraggy bearded oaf in the window

What with the house so full of comings and goings of one sort and another, I mightn't have the chance to say this later, but I will be in Cardiff during the day on Saturday, at the Waterstone's bookshop painting a two metre high (!) window display for Roald Dahl day.

All this Welsh blood I have, and I've never been to Cardiff before...

Come along and see! I shall be absolutely in control and not in the least bit worried about the whole thing, obviously.


The Ginger Darlings said...

Mr Joel Stewart, next time you are in Cardiff come a little further west. We will take you for a walk where you can see seals and sit on cliffs and grow wings and watch birds and find places where birds grow. Because we like your pictures very much, and the odd things that you say and the way you suffer from all of the same kind of stress and hassle as the weird woman we share a house with.
Bring your banjo.

Eric Orchard said...

Wow! Happy Roald Dahl day, I'm rereading the BFG right now( I wonder what Canadians taste like?)
I love the car, it reminds me a tiny bit of Mobius....

Joel Stewart said...

Dear darlings,

I fear you'll make me sneeze, but thanks for the kind offer. I bet you don't really like banjos.

And Eric,

Surely you are tasting of maple syrup and hockey-pucks.
I re-read the BFG recently. The illustrations made me happy. The story was not what I remembered it to be.