Friday, September 28, 2007


It's big socks o-clock in Atlas Mews. And I can't quite work out how to make the heating come on...

So, last night was fun. I didn't win but you can't have everything (where would you put it?) I actually knew, as soon as I saw that Polly Dunbar's Penguin was on the same shortlist, that she was sure to win. It's a great book, and she is a wonderful illustrator and author. She had the best shoes in the building last night, too. It really isn't quite fair. There are interviews with several of the shortlisters here, (including me, but you may have just read it here anyway...)

I did get champagne in the post yesterday for my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory work though.

I was more disappointed that Viviane Schwarz didn't win her category, actually. As much as I like Emily Gravett's book. She's already winning things left right and centre. Still, The shortlists were full of genuinely great books. Emma Chichester Clark has made some of my favourite recent picture books and Neil Layton is a genius, and a really nice person to boot (I mean as well, I did not, in fact, enjoy booting him. Or even boot him at all, that I remember. Oh dear, I'm full of dreadful jokes this morning).

And Michael Rosen was there, and I've gone on and on about how great he is so I won't any more. But it was lovely to talk to him, and make plans a little more for the book that I really must be getting a move on with.

Today I have to colour in a different book, a bit relentlessly, or there will be trouble. There's so much talk around at the moment about terrible slumps in UK children's books, and frightening trends in education (It's very good to have Michael and The Big Picture on the case). Yet I have so much work on and I'm still procrastinating like crazy, or looking from one project to another and slumping down dizzy.


Knife and Spoon said...

Lovely Quentin Blake interview in G2 today. Good cover on it too. Please illustrate a Michael Rosen book immediately. (Sorry to be demanding.)

Dave Shelton said...

I spent a goodish while puzzling over my heating too, convinced for some time that the overly clever remote control-style thermostat wasn't working. Then I eventually discovered the "hot water only/water and heating" switch on the boiler. Oop.

In other news, I am currently contemplating the details of a contract from the Terribly Secret Project that you put me in touch with some time ago. So thanks again for the introduction.

Joel Stewart said...

Sounds like we have a similar heating system. I've made a little light go on that says the heating is on, but I'm not so sure. Perhaps it is scorching upstairs.

Well done with the secret project. I just couldn't keep up, so I think that my contribution has fallen by the wayside. Something had to give. And other things might, too...

Joel Stewart said...

All fixed.

Just had to find the right button and wait, (well, press it and wait).