Monday, September 10, 2007


estella said...

hey! i like humpty dumpty in his tailcoat.

Joel Stewart said...

Hee, he does look like that, up there. I was pleased when I realized that the book says that Willy Wonka is small and quick, but not neccessarily thin.


Erica-Jane said...


I found your blog via, via, via, via various other blogs.
I've just been admiring your work on your website.
I too, am an illustrator of children's books, although there isn't much evidence of it on my blog, more mice really. There is a link to my website on there, should you be insanely bored at any point in the near future.

I hope your afternoon perked up!

best wishes,


Sweet Pea said...

Lovely! :)

Joel Stewart said...

Thanks both,

Nice to 'meet' you Erica. I'm jealous of your secret studio.


Stephanie Roth said...

Hi Joel-

I like that that guy is sunning himself! He looks like he's really digging it.

I've been doing a bit of the cutting and pasting things too lately- I've accidentally cut off fingers and little things at the edges. It is a lot fo fun though- and VERY freeing!

Hope all is well-