Friday, August 17, 2007

There and back again

I took a very long bus ride and went for a walk at a place I used to go a long time ago. It's funny though because my strongest memory of the place is not from reality but from a dream I had that was set there. It was the second most frightening dream I had as a child and it was about losing a green stick. The place was not the scary part. The place is quite nice (spot the understatement).

Also there was a party to say goodbye to Rowan (she has more photos here, including one of very scraggly but quite happy me). She is leaving for Sweden now, instead of Denmark. A lot of people will miss her. I am one of them.

In the night there was a shooting star so bright I thought it was lightning, and an incident with a dark bridge and a high speed night-train coming out of Totley tunnel, and both these things were tremendously exciting.

Now then, what on earth am I doing in London? (not much apparently, it's taken me twelve and a half hours to start working today, and now I'm writing journal posts...)


Rowan said...

mmm. Glad you got back safely - nice pictures. I'm off to Whitby today with dust in my nose and far too many clothes in my bag. I've booked my flight for Sat the 8th, so more than likely see you on the 7th. Sound okay?

Joel Stewart said...

Fine. Have a good time!


Steph said...

HI Joel,

It made me smile to see these photos and the photos of you and your friends/family playing music- a tribe of artists/musicians- What ARE you doing in London? That's a great question...Is there much advantage to being in London vs. the gorgeous, idylic countryside, with it's fresh air and peacefulness?

Joel Stewart said...

Just friends, no family in those pics, though I've known some of the people since I/they were born.

I can't answer my own question about London. You might remember that I did attempt to leave. It's not all fresh air and idylic peacefulness the moment you leave London though. Rowan's family live in a very special place. It isn't a place I could go back to live, I don't think.