Sunday, August 12, 2007


There was something I learned while I was away that I very promptly forgot. That is; that it can be really nice to have a head full of jigs, reels, polskas, polkas and bowing techniques that you're trying (emphasis on trying) to learn, rather than a head full of worries. A surprising kind of calmness, for a head full of dance music.

I started remembering again this morning, and imagine that I'll keep doing so, on and off...

I saw Goro Miyazaki's Tales from Earthsea yesterday, which I quite enjoyed even while it was dreadfully earnest and not all that pictorially exciting. I remember that my dad read the Earthsea books to me when I was really small, but I can't remember anything more about them but the rumble of his throat between words. Some of the structure of the story in the film did remind me of things from Time's Bones, the book that Pete seems to have stopped writing and should very definitely start on again because it is a great beginning. Of course he can't do that just now because he is in Vermont playing the bagpipes...

Lots of work is starting to happen in this house, even if I don't want to jinx the fact by mentioning it...


Anonymous said...

Ah, look at that, The Sheffield Street Band, the band that refreshes the parts other nads cant reach (sadly I think that should be past tense)
Somewhere on Bubedge Moor
Campaign for access to moorlands anniverasy of the Mass Trespass, 1983(?)

Anonymous said...

what other nads?
where's Bubedge?
when do you get an anniverasy?

jet-klag is my excuse
sorry - jrt-lag oh to hell with it

I'm going back to bed

Joel Stewart said...

Jet-lag is fun.

I hope you had a fun time in Vermont, I'm guessing that you are my anonymous pa.