Friday, November 27, 2009

Abney and Teal Abroad

Here's the article about my show in Broadcast magazine that I mentioned earlier.

[Edit: Hmm, that article didn't require subscription when I first linked to it, but now it does, so my addendum won't mean much to anyone...]

Intricacies that I might add, since we're leaked anyway, are that it has been me, rather than the whole team, painting all the "individual blades of grass" etc. The team will be painstakingly collaging sets together from these hand painted elements, under the guidance of Steve Roberts and myself. Steve's own show Dip Dap is so far as I know also being produced by Chris Wood.

Last night I visited Tim Van Eyken on his boat, after a chance meeting at a concert a few weeks ago (with Tim, not his boat. I heard tones I recognized singing along from the bench beside me at Cecil Sharp House and jumped rudely at the chance to meet him).
Apart from being an incredible melodeon player, Tim until very recently sang the songs for Warhorse. It was Tim's singing (which you can hear there on that Warhorse video clip), and equally the puppets, that made the show for me.
We talked and played melodeons by the warm stove until late, and discussed possibilities for my show's soundtrack, amongst other things. Just a lovely, easy and exciting evening from which I learned enough musical tips to be going on with for months.


Anonymous said...

I left a comment here before, when I foudn I couldnt get at the broadcast page without subscribing, but you know that now

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Abney and Teal on Monday on Cbeebies.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen The Adventures of Abney and teal on Cbeebies!?

Check it out Abney and Teal