Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When a song's on the wind it belongs to the air

I'll be playing some music with Yo Zushi at the Fleapit on Columbia Rd, East London, this evening around eight o-clock... I know it's short notice, but I only know when Yo tells me!


paula said...

I hope the gig went well. Is that dog made up of musical instruments!?

I and some friends went to see a band play in Bristol the other week 'A Hawk and a Hacksaw'. They were absolutely amazing, played with such passion. Check out their myspace/website:

I like 'moon under water' and 'in the river'.

Just thought you might like them :o)

Joel Stewart said...

It's a mouse made of circuit-boards, but nevermind.

I'm glad A Hawk and a Hacksaw were good live. I was a bit disappointed by the CD I bought a couple of years ago...