Friday, May 30, 2008


I just sent off what should be the last changes to Tree Soup (Stanley Wells book 2). Here is a Bilaterally Gynandromorphic Gypsy Moth to celebrate (left side male, right side female I think):

c/o The Insect


liza said...


i love how on the gynandromorph moths only one of their antennae is all fringey.

xo liza!!

Leo Glaister said...

Don't get many moths in central Glasgow, though I have been seeing quite a few butterflies lately.

I've started blogging again, come see come see!

Joel Stewart said...


Good luck next week. Will you be around at all during the week starting the 16th of June? Andrea and I will be up at Pete's then and it would lovely to see you. We could pop over to Glasgow possibly, if you haven't time to make it to Edinburgh or Pencaitland.