Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Well, just as I worked up the energy to make another go of this blog the world decided to become really alarming and I didn’t much feel like poking my head out. Also there was just a lot of work to do on the studio etc.

So, news:

I have some original artwork and prints for sale at Several pieces from Addis Berner Bear Forgets (I’m told two of these are sold already, but there’s at least one left and there may be more available soon), some small pieces from Tiny Cops and Robbers, some illustrations from Peter Pan, and some prints with hand-painted elements (it’s the Donkey print seen in a post below this one) that are development work I’m doing for a new picture book.

It Wasn’t Me (I Was Nowhere Near It) by Michael Bond (!) with illustrations and cover by me has been published in the UK.

I finished the artwork and text for a new picture book called Tiny Dinosaurs, which will be published next year by OUP. This was the first book I’ve drawn entirely with an Apple Pencil and it was mostly a great experience.

There will be a new edition of The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson out next year. Since I drew the illustrations more than fifteen years ago, I took this opportunity to adjust quite a bit of the artwork inside and on the cover. I think it is greatly improved and hopefully I haven’t done a George Lucas on the book!

Also the studio is sort of ready, or at least it has desks and work stuff in it!

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