Monday, June 23, 2014

Addis Back in Town

This great big poster from my book Addis Berner Bear Forgets is currently proudly adorning the hoarding alongside the street that leads from Kings Cross station to The House of Illustration at 2 Granary Sq. It's in excellent company as you can see here. Obviously it's a great honour for me, and especially nice as I am currently revisiting some of the techniques I used to make this book.

The House of Illustration opens on the 2nd of July, and Quentin Blake is interviewed about it in the FT here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joel, what technique did you use for Addis Berner Bear? What did you use to outline for both foreground and background? Thanks! -Michelle

Joel Stewart said...

Hi Michelle,
I drew the original drawings in Ink (some kind of felt-tip fountain pen crossover that I don't think is around anymore), with pencil for the backgrounds, and some pentel brush pen for the foregrounds. This was all in black on rough cartridge paper. Then I scanned the drawings, fixed a few little things, made the linework a browny, sepia tone in photoshop and printed it onto Arche watercolour paper with a pigment ink inkjet printer. Then I stretched these prints on board and coloured them with watercolour and a little bit of gouache and coloured pencil.
Hope that helps!