Thursday, May 2, 2013


So, I've moved house and studio and am finally back in the land of home internet connections, with a studio that is more or less up and running!

Above is the artwork for Lady Maisery's new album Mayday, which I made just before the big move. The patterns, which I hand painted (with a computer), reference the William Morris prints used on Lady Maisery's last album Weave & Spin. This was an idea that Rowan Rheingans and I discussed on the phone just before I made (as quickly as possible) the image. Strangely though, I now live less than five minutes walk from the William Morris Gallery in North-east London.

Mayday will be released in June, but Lady Maisery are doing a May tour.


miplused design said...

This is gorgeous! I discovered your work throught twitter and I love it :)

John said...

Wonderful. Can I buy a copy of your Lady Maisery artwork as a poster anywhere?