Monday, November 7, 2011

New Adventures!

Five new episodes of The Adventures of Abney and Teal go out this week. 5.45pm on CBeebies.


Jon Davis said...

Excellent, looking forward to watching these.
My daughter loves Abney & Teal, but it's one of those ones that we love watching with her :)
I don't suppose there's any chance there might be a release of the music?
The theme music is great, but the incidental music has been lovely too.
It would be great if there was.

Gwen P said...

Thank you so much for creating Abney and Teal. My 2 year old daughter is absolutely, totally and completely mad in love with the show, and thanks to the iPlayer we have all seen every episode many, many times! We don't mind though, I adore the animation and the innocent dreamyness of it all. In fact, I wondered if you would consider showing some of the behind the scenes of show production here on your blog- my husband and I argue about how it's done!
Also we are thrilled to learn toys and dolls will be available next year, I'm sure we will have to have one of each :)
Thanks again, and please, never stop- it's wonderful!

Joel Stewart said...

Apologies. I am full of cold and answered your question in a partial mix up with someone else's, which mentioned Bagpuss (a lovely and favourable comparison we've been getting a lot - even though I never felt it was a particularly direct influence myself). Anyway we're hard at work on more is all I really meant to say!

Suzannah Pearce said...

Hi Joel,

I am currently researching for an animation I am doing for a module of my second year of university. I thought I would just say that I love the fantastic textures of this animation. It was a pleasure to watch and a feast for the eyes. I didn't need my three children as an excuse to watch it. Looking forward to more.

Joel Stewart said...

Thanks Su,
All the textures and backgrounds apart from the city (and maybe the texture on the porridge-pots) are either hand-made or hand-painted/drawn. Even the wooden Poc-Poc texture was hand-painted onto the original puppets (but not by me unlike all the other painted textures).

Anonymous said...

Great can't wait my little girl loves it so much.

Sarah Holford said...

My daughter found your name at the end of the programme tonight and she is desperate for more Abney and Teal episodes. She's seen these ones over and over and over. They are brilliant but -
Come on BBC! It's time to make some more!!!