Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shackleton's Banjo

Tim van Eyken, (who has been doing wonderful music for my animation series), has made a BBC Radio 4 show about the banjo which travelled to Antarctica with Shackleton. It's here for a week or so.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I heard a bit of that. It was really interesting. I'll try to catch it again.

xx gilla

Lrc said...

I'm going to go and listen to it! great stuff!

Anonymous said...

As I said somehwere else; Captain Cook took a bagpiper with hime, possibly a northumbrian pipe, tho' I've never been able to find out for certain; There's even a picture somewhere [I think] of him playing on the beach where they first landed.
Well, perhpas not, but his name was Archibald McVicar ; see here where there's lots more stuff about music on ships in the 18th c.
"'I... entertained him with the Bag-pipes of which musick he was very fond, and dancing by the Seamen’" ... "Georg Forster also maintains that the bagpipe performance met with approbation – 'infinite satisfaction’ and 'a mixture of admiration and delight.’ He adds that 'King O-Too [Tu] in particular was so well pleased with his [the bagpiper’s] musical abilities, which I have already observed were mean enough, that he ordered him a large piece of the coarser cloth as a reward for his trouble."
Well, my thnanks to Tim , I now have a long and fascintating article to read ...

Jon Davis said...

That's cool working with Tim Van Eyken, I really like his stuff, espec his version of John Barleycorn.
Seen him play a couple of times.
Really looking forward to your animation series.