Thursday, July 2, 2009


Interesting footage and useful (if pre-rehearsed) maxims from Brad Holland, who was kind enough to invite me to his Soho studio in 1999 when I was in New York with college (I mostly recall the small Rembrandt etching he had on his wall, a painting of a cash register, and a large tabby cat).
He was a huge influence on me through college, and can't really be held responsible for the boiling down of certain innovations he made years ago by leagues of those he influenced (hopefully not me). His work is still much more than that residue!
I also think, despite replacing some of the joy with even more wryness, he's always been influenced by Hockney, and that is sort of what led me to look up what he was doing now.
Oh yeah, he gave me a copy of that poster which is on the wall next to the drawing board! I still have it somewhere.

Brad Holland from Richard Solomon on Vimeo.

Originally created by request for the scheduled podcast with Brad Holland and the Art on a Grand Scale artists (

There is also a long and interesting podcast available here.

This post is a result of a me avoiding making changes to a book jacket, and growing tired of painting and cutting out tiny little pieces of animation set...

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