Thursday, May 21, 2009

I rocked till my shoelace came undone.

-Jarvis Cocker

If I get my Dexter Bexley cover done, and the files for the inside all adjusted to the inital colour proof (it has too much magenta), and a stack of little admin and accounts stuff also, I will have a tiny breathing space before headlong, full-on tv-show plunge. That must be why I'm procrastinating wildly, so wildy I even wrote a blog post. Who needs breathing space?

So, last week I saw Devon Sproule play at the Hammersmith empire (it was great, even through a haze caused by Guinness on top of Margaritas which is perfectly obviously not recommended).

Over the weekend I did some fun, if smokey, recording and improvising with Yo Zushi, Oliver Talkes, Adam Beattie, and what I'm determined to refer to as The Krink-Leigh Schoerdon Collective. I used my 5-string violin and my 5-row accordion, but the violin wasn't quite ready yet! It nearly is now. On friday I hope to see Matthew Robins performing songs by himself and Tim Spooner at Tim's gallery show at Eutrophia in Deptford.
On monday I may well be making some noises with Matthew for his Flyboy show at the national theatre.

And there's an Alasdair Roberts gig to go to later in the week.

Now follow exciting pictures of the balcony herb garden that my flatmate and I started about a month ago, and the first Chilli growing in the hydroponic Chilli and Tomato garden that I set up on my desk (made from a sainsbury's composting bin, a pump and a mini-fogger).


Rowan said...

Wow, look at all that green. Looks great!
P.S is the girl supposed to be left-handed flute playing? Or is it not a flute? Is it more exciting?

Joel Stewart said...

I drew her that way at the earliest stage of the book, then I noticed but I'd drawn her a lot so I decided, well why can't she be left-handed? Although classically they probably force you to play the right-handed way anyway, but I don't think she'd be down with that...