Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off Colour

I've found that a project of mine will likely go to print with pretty inaccurate colour. I shan't go into the whole thing more here, since the project in general has already been enough to literally bring me out in a rash. Really, I like to learn things as I go, but I'd rather they didn't see print until they were ready. I'm fairly convinced it wasn't my fault, (in other circumstances I have much more say in the proofing process), though perhaps I have been distracted by the big TV show project (which is up in front of the money people today...)

Here we have some colouring in (early) process, for an entirely different project.

Pete! I finally filled a book with bagpipes...

Oh and I received this beautiful book yesterday, from the Chihiro Art museum in Japan, where some of my work is being exhibited currently.

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