Wednesday, February 4, 2009

...and rest!

Lying here on a copy of Have You Ever Seen A Sneep by Tasha Pym (pictures by me), is one of my favourite crocheted squid. Inside said squid are two more of my favourites, nestling russian-squid style.

The book is out in March. More on that later.

This week (after a weekend frantically spent playing and recording theme and incidental music) I battled my way out of (beautiful, deep-snow covered) London in a blizzard to do a week's worth of TV work in three days, ready for a presentation that was today cancelled due to travel and weather problems... now I get a week off, and a very tired animator gets a reprieve.

There is an incessant alarm going off outside. It has been since at least last Friday. My ears played it back to me while I was away.


Laura San Roman said...

ei!! i saw here in spain your book 'Jabberwocky' i like it very much, but I didnt knew your name, it was a sorprise to find you in froydis' blog.
Your personal illustrations really interesting and so beautiful.
Hope some day i will work of illustration as well.
Good luck with your new book.

(your word verification is 'samba' -!-)

Joel Stewart said...

Oh, glad it's still around (or around at all for that matter) in Spain.

Lovely things and music posts on your journal. Sent me off watching Glen Gould for a good while.