Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My grandfather, Ray Evans died this morning.
He was the person who, by example and by some strange connection of line, put drawing in my hands.

Rest in peace dear Ray.


hornbycait said...

Hey Joel, sorry to hear about your grandfather; be sad, but not too sad. I send my colondolences to your family too.
If what you say is true, then you've a good deal to thank him for, and so have we as we get to enjoy your beautiful work.
Take care,

Sarah said...

Hey, lots of sympathy your way. I'm glad you had someone in the family who was able to inspire you to do what you're doing.

lauren said...

Dear Joel,

I am very sorry to learn that your grandfather has passed away.

Thank heavens he put drawing in your hands.

Everything on this blog is so beautiful, always.