Monday, June 9, 2008

Strange Experiments

If you click here and listen to the Sasha's first track (Shaman's Blues) you can hear me playing some of the electric guitar, and quite surprisingly (for me) a harmonica. I played accordion for other tracks, but they aren't up on the site yet.

I lost the pencil that I have drawn with for the last two years (one I bought in Florence), somewhere in the rubble of that recording studio, and was quite distraught for a while, but I think I have worked out where to get a replacement.

As if playing the harmonica weren't enough, today I'm doing strange experiments, and Rowan is here on her way by from Sweden.

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Gilla Evans said...

Oh I remember that pencil so well, and the shop you bought it in. I think I may have the shop's address somewhere if all else fails...

xx gilla