Monday, February 11, 2008


If a person is riding a bicycle (say, returning from a day spent sketching in the sun outside cafes and recording music in lofts) and they are carrying a trombone, or a guitar, or a serpent, or even a tuba on their back, I don't expect that people in the street often shout out to inform them exactly what instrument it is they are carrying; "Trombo-o-one!" With me, however, it's different:


I don't mind, of course, though they should be careful just in case I do. A person might well have a big sharp saw in the bag, too.


Anonymous said...

Just watch out for that pair of long-legged musical instrument thieves seen lurking around innocent musicians in a recent publication!


Joel Stewart said...

Yes, I've had quite enough personal experience of tragicomic instrument thievery for one person, thanks very much. Even if I did get the idea for the instrument thieves in Addis from it (and a wedge of insurance money, replacement accordions/banjos etc...)


Rima said...

hehe people are funny ain't they... we get similar comic comments when selling our work on the street: "did you do them?, bet you didn't, I'll give you a fiver for it hahaha!"
Hmm anyway, those are lovely drawings and interesting to read you have connections with tutli putli, I stumbled across that the other day - it looks fantastic indeed :)

Leo Glaister said...

At least you get the right instrument shouted at you; my friend Kirsty just gets 'big guitar!' shouted at her in the street. She plays the cello.